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Our Mission

Empowering healthcare with innovative IT solutions.

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Who are we?

Based in London, 2MG Healthcare stands as a healthcare-focused consultancy with an impressive portfolio of both on-premise and cloud solutions tailored for the both public and private healthcare organisations.

  - Over 200 successful projects delivered
  - Transformation of 400+ applications

  - Over 1000 application deployments. 

2MG Healthcare is renowned for its expertise in NHS and Healthcare Project Delivery. Our services aim to bolster existing client capabilities, ensuring effective project and technical delivery.

With a comprehensive suite of services, 2MG Healthcare has consistently demonstrated ability to adapt in navigating the complex requirements of the healthcare environments.

Our offerings span from IT strategy, cloud migrations, technical architecture, product management, to testing and integration – all tailored to expand and complement your internal capabilities.

Main Office:
27 Old Gloucester Street,

London, WC1N 3AX 
United Kingdom

Engineering Office:
Crest House,

102-104 Church Rd,

Teddington, TW11 8PY

Our methodology:

We believe in a transparent and direct approach on each stage of project implementation:


Before starting the integration process, we would first analyse the client's current IT environment and business requirements.


Based on the analysis, our Team will design a solution that aligns with the business goals and technological needs.


This is the process of integrating the various IT components. It can involve configuring hardware, installing and setting up software, and ensuring that all components interact seamlessly.


After implementation, thorough testing is conducted to ensure that the solution works as expected without any problems, meets project objectives and compliance requirements.

Maintenance and Support:

Post-integration, we would offer support services or transition knowledge to Your Team in order to ensure the solution remains optimal

IT Services

Partnership in Delivery

Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique requirements and needs of healthcare IT setting. Focus on our customers needs, ensures we maintain both quality and attention to detail. 

IT Services

Delivery methodology

Our healthcare IT team applies proven frameworks and delivery methodologies to help healthcare organisations to adopt technology and digital change. From defining strategies to implementing solutions, we strive to provide tangible outcomes. 

IT Services

 Security first

Ensuring data security remains a cornerstone of our operations. We've dedicated resources and expertise to ensure the protection of sensitive patient data and clinical information. 

How it works

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