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Resourcing Services 

Specialised Consultancy and Digital Healthcare resource provider in the Public Sector. 


2MG Healthcare offers premier consulting and digital services in healthcare, particularly experienced in the multidimensional requirements of public sector. Our primary objective is to ensure we are able to provide right resources  quickly and effectively.


The scale of the healthcare projects and the dynamics of change in the healthcare environment often requires highly specialised resources available at very short notice. 2MG Healthcare, supports organisations in the public sector helping to identify resource needs and deploying required level of resources quickly.  


Our technical resources are specialist in healthcare IT systems design, delivery, integration and interoperability.  

Resourcing Services

Our services:

  • Complete assistance, encompassing strategy formulation through to system architecture, delivery, support and assurance. 

  • A perfect mix of strategic insight and hands-on technical consultants to delivery digital cloud solutions. 

  • Comprehensive support throughout the entire project delivery lifecycle. 

  • Delivery in line with Government Digital, Data, Technology and Cyber implementation methodologies. 

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition and recruitment services offer a transformative approach. We blend profound industry knowledge and healthcare experience in delivery of innovative recruitment strategies. Imagine a seamless integration of expertise and innovation, where traditional recruitment barriers dissolve. With 2MG Healthcare, you're not just getting a service; you're embarking on modern recruitment methodology. This approach doesn't just find you candidates; it discovers the right talent, aligning perfectly with your business objectives. By entrusting us with your recruitment needs, you're tapping into a world where technical precision meets efficiency, and where every hire is a move forward in the right direction. 

Resourcing Services
  • Candidate market reports and new talent analysis. 

  • Talent acquisition targeting specific aspects of your business strategy. 

  • Target-driven contracts and performance reporting at request. 

  • Attraction of top talent in competitive markets. 

  • Improved experiences for candidates and hiring managers. 

  • Decreased time to hire and cost-effective outcomes. 

  • Efficiency improvement in recruitment processes.  

Mission Talent Resourcing

Resourcing Services
  • Comprehensive Talent View: Provides a 360-degree view of all talent within the organization. 

  • Real-time Skills Assessment: Offers real-time updates on skills and capability ontology. 

  • Advanced Workforce Search: Enables advanced search, discovery, and geospatial analysis of the workforce. 

  • Reduced Human Capital Cost: Maximizes resources, leading to reduced human capital costs. 

  • Powerful Workforce Insights: Provides powerful insights for advanced workforce search and talent management. 

  • Precise Talent Alignment: Ability to align talent precisely to organizational needs, ensuring workforce readiness and mission alignment. 

We understand workforce skills and readiness are key in delivery of mission of every healthcare organisation. 

Within 2MG Healthcare, we combine established best practices with our healthcare technical expertise, assuring our clients with resourcing solutions fit for every required scenario.

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