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Risk and Compliance 

Securing Healthcare, One Compliance at a Time.

Transforming the landscape of healthcare risk management through cutting-edge, regulatory-compliant solutions.

Risk and Compliance

2MG Healthcare offers Risk Management services led by qualified, experienced professionals using tailored, industry-leading risk assessment techniques and instruments. These efforts culminate in the strategic and cost-effective utilisation of resources to either mitigate, oversee, and control risks or to capitalise on emerging opportunities. 

Particularly in the UK healthcare sector, 2MG Healthcare specialists have the required experience to guide your organisation through a comprehensive transformation process. This ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructures and systems, while also recommending enhancements for future growth and compliance with the UK's rigorous healthcare regulations.

Risk and Compliance
Risk and Compliance


  • Reducing Risk Environment: Creating an environment with reduced risks to support better decision-making.  

  • Mitigation Activities: Implementing activities to limit exposure and increase the likelihood of project success.  

  • Consistency in Risk Management: Improving the consistency of the approach to risk management across projects.  

  • Monitoring and Control: Enhancing monitoring and control processes to ensure successful project delivery.  

  • Accurate Risk Cost Estimating: Improving the accuracy and efficiency of estimating costs associated with risks.  

  • Overall Risk Reduction: Reducing the organization's overall risk exposure.  

  • Knowledge Transfer: Facilitating effective knowledge transfer to staff for better risk management.  

  • Contract Negotiation: Leveraging a better understanding of risks to engage in effective contract negotiations.  

  • Stakeholder Confidence: Increasing stakeholder confidence in achieving desired project outcomes.  

  • Passing Gate Reviews: Recognizing that a clear understanding of risks improves the likelihood of projects passing gate reviews successfully.

Risk and Compliance

Offered Services

  • Development of a Risk Management strategy  

  • Comprehensive assessments of risks and opportunities, inclusive of controls and assurance mapping  

  • Reviews covering risks, issues, dependencies, and opportunities  

  • Risk identification, evaluation, and control at both the project and programme levels  

  • Introduction of tools and methodologies that enable effective risk management  

  • Implementation and oversight of action plans designed for organisational recovery  

  • Audit of exisitng risk management measures and protocols

Risk and Compliance

Mastering Risk and Compliance in UK Healthcare: 2MG Healthcare—Your Partner in Ensuring Patient Safety and Organisational Integrity

Within the UK healthcare landscape, the suite of services from 2MG Healthcare is critical for adeptly navigating the complexities of compliance and risk, ultimately safeguarding both patient welfare and organisational integrity. 

The report emphasizes delivering innovative, cost-effective, and practical outcomes within optimal timeframes. These solutions are the result of thorough industry analysis and benchmarking, with a focus on addressing business and risk factors. Risk mitigation is achieved by involving independent experts, while internal staff's knowledge and organisation-wide understanding are significantly improved.  


Additionally, the report leverages procurement power to ensure value for money and offers solutions that are future-proofed and seamlessly integrated into the broader technology ecosystem, enhancing interoperability.  

In the challenging landscape of UK healthcare, these attributes make 2MG Healthcare an invaluable partner in navigating complexities related to risk and compliance, thus ensuring the safety of patients and the integrity of your organisation.

Risk and Compliance
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