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Cloud migration services

Accelerate your healthcare cloud. 

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We understand each of our customers is already, in some form, on a cloud journey. We are considering ourselves your partner in the process, providing an advisory role where the additional information is required or delivering complete cloud migration journey from strategy, through discovery, assessment, migration and optimisation. 

What differentiate us from other providers is our ability to agree and execute migration plan with your medical software providers and hardware vendors. We would consider compliance and supportability but also technical application requirements like low-latency requirements or uncommon network protocols used. We support the migration of custom-built applications and solutions.

We provide services in following types of cloud engagements:


  • Cloud Strategic View 

  • Tactical Cloud Deployment 

  • Cloud Feasibility Study 

Our services include full programme management for migrations, support and management of migrated applications, architecture and design, quality assurance and testing with clinical teams.

We engage our clinical colleagues and vendors early in the process to allow collaboration between the teams to ensure effective delivery. 

A team assists with Cloud Migration tasks. They offer plans, designs, applying and supporting the complete lifecycle. This includes smart advice on system connections, cloud engineering, and longterm operational needs.

Cloud Strategic View

Our Cloud Strategic View service allows you to take insight into your current infrastructure, take software considerations and regulatory requirements and form an approach that defines you migration path into the cloud, either private cloud, hybrid or public. 

cloud migration
  • Collaborative planning and proven migration patterns that minimise service downtime. 

  • Optimising cost and mitigating risk while migrating to Cloud-based solutions. 

  • Scalable migration methodology that supports from small to large migrations 

  • Assessment of current cloud architecture against targeted migration end state. 

  • Meet regulatory requirements with compliant cloud security. 

  • Strategise cloud migration with Total Cost of Ownership projection (TCO) 

  • Cloud Migration roadmap review and development. 

  • Evaluation of migration security risk and mitigations. 

  • Cloud migration modelling and solution architecting 

  • End-to-end cloud journey including strategy, discovery, assessment, migration and optimisation. 

Tactical Cloud Deployment

Tactical Cloud Deployment projects are targeting specific products where we could drive migration to a cloud of one product or one product ecosystem, integrate it back with on-premises products or other cloud applications. Those type of engagements are also good start for application-based Disaster Recovery and often are being used as part of Legacy Server replacement strategy. 

cloud migration
  • Design and build of secure landing zones on target cloud. 

  • Workshops with application owners to understand impact of cloud migration and to maximise benefit realisation. 

  • Scalable migration methodology that supports from small to large migrations 

  • Secure cloud journey aligned to public sector requirements. 

  • Secure, sustainable and responsible decommissioning of legacy services 

  • Delivery of complete cloud migration or components of cloud journey including discovery, migration, testing and handover to support. 

Cloud Feasibility Study

cloud migration
  • Application migration assessment, validation and planning to optimise outcomes. 

  • Discovery captures landscape profile and defines usage pattern. 

  • Reduced risk using dependency mapping process in planning to migrate. 

  • Workshops with application owners to understand impact of cloud migration and to maximise benefit realisation. 

  • Site reliability engineering checks to ensure migration can be accomplished. 

  • Greatly increases migration confidence and accuracy. 

  • Consideration for medical devices and clinical application requirements. 

Cloud Feasibility Study is a form of application cloud assessment, where a specific application or group of applications and their ecosystems are assessed for cloud compatibility. Given nature of healthcare, our study reports include all aspects including compliance, supportability and regulatory requirements in addition to standard vendor requirements of organisation strategy objectives. 

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