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Integration Services

Healthcare Integration and Interoperability turn-key solutions 


Interoperability is crucial nowadays.
The NHS progresses in digital adoption. So, data and services must reliably integrate across systems, processes, environments

As specialists in system integration, we guide our clients towards achieving complete interoperability among all clinical systems and business systems.  

Our approach prioritizes collaborative design, as we are engaging directly with our customer teams to early recognise and address the complex challenges of introducing interoperability into existing environment.  

This allow us to ensure all of the success objectives are identified and monitored as the integration project progresses. 

Really simple system merging is vital for healthcare. Doctors must find info fast. So, we bring together data from many sources. Existing setups get moved over seamlessly; many different systems join up neatly; data flows freely where apps need it. Our service does that data-sharing linking magic

Integration Services
  • Seamless integration between both cloud-driven and local systems.  

  • Support for modern interoperability standards including HL7 FHIR 

  • Cloud-hosted integration solutions utilising PaaS, IaaS and Hybrid patterns. 

  • Rhapsody TIE HL7 messaging and integration delivery 

  • Integration with Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), medical devices and software platforms. 

  • Data integration, analytics, dashboards and reporting 

  • Enables migration of systems and applications to the cloud


Straightforward services let you integrate services, systems and applications, both cloud-based and on-premise. This helps them work together.

Our approach speeds up integration of healthcare systems at reduced cost, using recognized standards. We follow interoperability guidelines.
HL7 FHIR APIs and tools help, with specific support for the UK FHIR profile developed by NHS Digital. So systems easily interface.
Medical devices, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and data exchange platforms integrate. This ensures smooth data flow between EPR, Data Warehousing and clinical applications.

List of supported cloud services

  • Microsoft Azure App Service, Logic Apps and Service Bus 

  • Microsoft Azure IoT 

  • Microsoft Azure Service Fabric 

  • Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB 

  • Microsoft Azure DataLake Storage 

  • Microsoft Azure FHIR API and Microsoft FHIR Server 

  • Microsoft Azure Health Bot 

  • Microsoft Azure API Management 

  • Microsoft Azure Functions 

Integration Services

2MG Healthcare maintains ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. We are audited against these on a regular basis using accredited, UKAS certified external auditors. 

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