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Clinical Space

Precision in Relocation and Technological Integration


Many projects involve moving medical rooms and labs. Establishing new labs too. These projects require careful planning. Following safety rules precisely. Using correct technology solutions. Working with robotic lab equipment needs extra care. Our main focus is technology for labs. Linking analysers together. Monitoring temperatures. Setting up robotic tables. We are experts at supporting healthcare growth. Helping sector find efficient ways to operate.


Strategic Advantages: Elevating Your Practice through Expertise and Efficiency

2MG Solutions Ltd
  • Tailored Solutions: Bespoke solutions are crafted to meet each project's unique needs, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored for your organization. 

  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Our streamlined approaches boost efficiency, slashing costs and accelerating project completion time frames. 

  • Impartial Expertise: Our rich experience grants us an impartial perspective, enabling insightful evaluations of various vendors' strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Transparent Communication: You're kept informed, with clear communication regarding project scopes, milestones, and timelines throughout every engagement. 

  • Future-ready: Forward-thinking strategies position your organization at the forefront of healthcare tech advancements, ensuring lasting relevance. 

  • End-to-End Services: •    Comprehensive, end-to-end services cover all your needs from project initiation through completion, providing a single point of contact. 


Our Clinical & Lab Offerings: 

2MG Solutions Ltd

Understanding the healthcare sector's evolving needs, we prioritise flexibility in designing and deployment of IT systems into clinical spaces. Our experts ensure quality, swift, and adaptable lab fit outs that can stand the test of time. We also provide interconnectivity to monitoring and alerting equipment like blood fridges or specimen analysers deployed into laboratory space. We do provide end-to-end services working directly with equipment manufacturers to establish requirements individually for each deployment, configuring the IT platforms and then finally running tests together with vendor and clinical teams. 

IT Support and Security

We give IT aid all day, every day. This helps stop breakdowns and issues. We also have cyber defense tools. These keep data safe from cyber strikes.

Cloud Computing for Clinical Labs

Cloud migration is vital, but protecting sensitive data is key. We understand the industry's duty, so we collaborate closely with major providers. Our expertise ensures a smooth, secure transition for your successful cloud journey.

Unified Communications

Data is vital nowadays. So, having the correct network setup is crucial. We handle every part of network infrastructure. This includes things like planning communication systems and laying network cables. Our goal is ensuring top performance. We provide this for labs and clinics, both nearby and far away.

Network Infrastructure Solutions 

In a data-centric world, the right network infrastructure is paramount. From communication system design to network cabling, we cover all bases to guarantee optimal functionality local and distributed laboratory and clinical solutions. 

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