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Clinical Space

Precision in Relocation and Technological Integration

A significant portion of our projects involves relocating clinical spaces and laboratory facilities as well as establishing brand new lab spaces. Those projects require attention to detail, a strict adherence to safety standards, and a precise technology solutions. This becomes even more crucial when dealing with the deployment of laboratory robotic equipment. Our expertise primarily centres around the implementation of technology in the lab, interconnectivity of analysers, temperature monitoring systems and robotic tables. We specialize in supporting the healthcare sector's continuous expansion and its relentless pursuit of efficiency. 


Strategic Advantages: Elevating Your Practice through Expertise and Efficiency

2MG Solutions Ltd
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognise and adapt to the uniqueness of each project, ensuring the best possible results for your organisation. 

  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Our refined methodologies not only reduce transformation risks but also fast-track project timelines. 

  • Impartial Expertise: Drawing from our rich experience, we offer unbiased insights into the strengths and weaknesses of various vendors. 

  • Transparent Communication: Keeping you in the loop, every project's scope, milestones, and timelines are communicated and iterated upon. 

  • Future-ready: Our solutions and strategies are not just for today; they are designed with the future in mind, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technological advancements in healthcare

  • End-to-End Services: From the onset of a project to its completion, we offer comprehensive services, ensuring you have a single point of contact for all your needs

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Our Clinical & Lab Offerings: 

2MG Solutions Ltd

Understanding the healthcare sector's evolving needs, we prioritise flexibility in designing and deployment of IT systems into clinical spaces. Our experts ensure quality, swift, and adaptable lab fit outs that can stand the test of time. We also provide interconnectivity to monitoring and alerting equipment like blood fridges or specimen analysers deployed into laboratory space. We do provide end-to-end services working directly with equipment manufacturers to establish requirements individually for each deployment, configuring the IT platforms and then finally running tests together with vendor and clinical teams. 

IT Support and Security

Realising the sector's non-stop operations, we offer 24/7 IT support to prevent potential pitfalls and system breakdowns. Furthermore, given the surge in cyber threats, we equip you with cyber defence mechanisms, ensuring the safety of critical data. 

Cloud Computing for Clinical Labs

We facilitate smooth transitions to cloud solutions, understanding the sector's responsibility towards sensitive data. In partnership with major cloud providers, we guide you through a successful cloud migration journey. 

Unified Communications

As patient care goes digital, we ensure seamless communication solutions, advising on best-fit devices, data plans, and cloud telephony systems.

Network Infrastructure Solutions 

In a data-centric world, the right network infrastructure is paramount. From communication system design to network cabling, we cover all bases to guarantee optimal functionality local and distributed laboratory and clinical solutions. 

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