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Cookie Policy

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Cookie Policy Overview

Our website utilises cookies, small text files stored on your device, to enhance your browsing experience. These files are crucial for understanding user preferences, facilitating smoother site navigation, and enabling tailored content.

Utilisation of Cookies
  1. Experience Enhancement: Cookies are instrumental in optimising your interaction with our site, remembering your preferences for future visits.

  2. Analytics and Performance: We employ Google Analytics to aggregate and analyse data on site engagement. This tool uses several cookies to collect information anonymously, aiding us in understanding visitor behaviour and improving our website accordingly.

  3. Content Personalisation and Security: Our content management system (CMS) utilises cookies for tracking interactions and ensuring content relevancy for returning visitors. Additionally, specific cookies are deployed for security purposes, such as safeguarding against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

Key Cookies Explained
  • _ga / _gat: Used by Google Analytics for user differentiation and rate limiting.

  • exp_last_visit / exp_last_activity: These cookies record the timing of your last visit, assisting in content personalisation.

  • cookieconsent_dismissed: This cookie notes your acceptance of our cookie policy, preventing the consent banner from reappearing.

Managing Your Preferences

While cookies are vital for the best site experience, you have control over their use. Browser settings can be adjusted to limit or reject cookies, though this may impact your ability to use certain site features fully.

Commitment to Privacy

We do not share personal information with third parties, ensuring your browsing data remains confidential. Our policy is designed to respect your privacy while providing a seamless website experience.

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