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Public Sector solutions.

Technology for UK Healthcare Sector

IT systems and solutions to facilitate needs of modern healthcare.

With close to 1000 systems we already transformed, we deliver expertise, professionalism and bring experience & success to the table.

Our role is to make sure our clients succeed in delivery of Digital Transformation.


What we offer:

    • Healthcare solution integrator delivering in line with ITIL methodology and processes
   • Experienced practitioners who can deliver solution integration alongside your team
   • Transformation and change management within in-house and managed service environments
   • End-to-end project delivery or technical only delivery
   • Architecture reviews and architecture support
   • Procurement support and expertise, definition of deliverables and scope, cost estimating
   • Fixed price outcomes for specific projects and programmes
   • Subject matter experts and highly skilled consultants
   • Business Analyst and Business Change project team experience
   • Management of all project and programme aspects of change programmes
   • Supporting change initiatives and complementing existing staff skillsets
   • Flexible pricing approach to optimise spend against clear objectives
   • Bespoke integration solutions of any nature
   • Real-time, high volume integrations and complex event processing
   • Experience across NHS and in private health sector

Our key public sector products:

          Cloud Migrations
Cloud Migrations.png
Integration Services
Integration Services.png
Clinical space
Clinical space.png
Application services
Application services.png
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management.png
Risk and compliance
Risk and compliance.png

All our products could be purchased on following procurement frameworks:

Cloud Migrations
Cloud Migrations
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