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Vulnerability Management

Security is Key in Protecting your Business

Complete Vulnerability Management with detection and management into resolution. 


Performing a vulnerability analysis is indispensable for identifying, categorising, and prioritising vulnerabilities within an organisation's digital framework, which includes computer systems, software, and network infrastructure. Particularly relevant for the health care sector, these assessments are critical given the unique security challenges, such as the safeguarding of sensitive patient data and ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of life-critical systems. 2MG Healthcare vulnerability analysis service equips the organisation with the vital insights, awareness, and risk perspective needed to understand and effectively tackle security threats.

The service is designed to locate both internal and external vulnerabilities across the organisation's network, thereby aiding in fulfilling both security and compliance goals. This is particularly pertinent in healthcare, where regulatory compliance like GDPR can have significant ramifications. 

Vulnerability Management

This evaluation serves multiple purposes. Not only does it offer the organisation a more detailed understanding of its digital assets and security gaps, it also reduces the overall chance of an unexpected cybersecurity incident. Within the context of healthcare, this could mean avoiding potentially catastrophic disruptions to medical services and breaches of patient confidentiality, issues that are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Whether conducted as a single scan or as part of a continuous assessment strategy, the subsequent reports provide actionable recommendations for alleviating or managing identified or potential vulnerabilities. In the health care setting, such insights are invaluable for not only adhering to legal requirements but also for safeguarding patient well-being and maintaining public trust.

Vulnerability Management


  • Comprehensive vulnerability detection and assessment tailored to your needs  

  • Efficient vulnerability ranking for targeted action and response  

  • Synergizes proactive strategies with security maintenance  

  • Offers seamless integration with client management tools  

  • Cloud and application security evaluations  

  • In-depth checks covering prevalent vulnerability benchmarks such as OWASP Top 10  

  • Constant overview of security stance and potential risk points

Vulnerability Management


  • Heightened security, benefiting from our vast industry experience  

  • Streamlined risk handling with reduced false positives  

  • Cost-efficient security solutions  

  • Achieve and maintain compliance standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO  

  • Mitigated risk from ransomware and other cyber threats  

  • Consistent service availability through pre-emptive security measures  

  • Regular security audits for sustained quality assurance  

2MG Healthcare Approach to Vulnerability Management

We help our clients navigate the increasingly complex digital risk landscape. By identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable solutions, we enable you to invest your resources where they are most needed for strengthening cyber defenses.

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