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IT Support Managed Service

We provide expert IT Managed Support tailored to your precise organisational requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Our Managed IT Services are more than just IT Support. Our offer is a comprehensive package including monitoring, backup management, cyber security, and Office 365 administration as standard. All with flexible subscription model so you know all your costs up-front. 


Please choose from the plan below, contact us to receive bespoke offer, custom-tailored to fit needs of your organisation. 

 Managed IT Support

IT Solutions

Tailor-made to your precise organisational requirements.

We do offer mixed – remote and on-site model. Most of your IT issues could be quickly addressed remotely, but we do know there might be a need for on-site visit.


We offer you flexibility to choose only remote model and pay extra for on-site when you need it; or to choose model with on-site visits build-in to ensure your team is receiving best service possible.

Flexible pricing model

choose the right model for your organisation. You could adjust your contract every month to ensure best fit for your organisation. 

Discounts available

We do offer yearly discounts if you are able to commit to a plan for 12 months. This will allow you to access additional services at the lower rate. Please contact us for details. 

Additional Services

IT Solutions

Bespoke services – custom tailored for each customer

IT Solutions

If you would like to learn more

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