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Managed IT Services
For The Healthcare
And Pharmaceutical Industry

IT Support, Architecture, IT Security, Project Delivery

Medical Specialists

Delivering Bespoke
Healthcare IT Service

There is no standard IT Services package when it comes to Managed Service for Healthcare. Each healthcare organisation is different, has different needs and different myriad of vendors and IT systems it needs to operate - and we understand it.

We could offer you an experienced team of IT Healthcare Professionals - engineers and consultants experienced in delivery, management and maintenance of IT systems supporting daily running of healthcare organisation and medical devices.

Regardless if you need your IT Partner to work with your PACS provider on network changes, or if you want to integrate IoT devices into your systems - we are here to help, advise and work with your vendors as part of your team.

We deliver a variety of healthcare oriented IT services for our clients including:

  • Healthcare IT Risk Management Services

  • Strategic Consultancy

  • Cyber Security

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions

  • Digital Transformation Projects

We are proud to be supplying our services to the NHS.

You could find our services on following procurement frameworks:

IT Services
IT Services
IT Services
IT Services
IT Services

Cyber security across all devices


Keep your devices records & information secure

Protecting every type of device is extremely important, and at Microbyte, we offer high-standard cyber security across all devices.


We work in partnership with the most-trusted brands

Reliable cyber security and protection from hacking, phishing, malware, viruses and more. We continually assess for points of weakness and gaps so we can make recommendations on how to keep you and your devices safe.


Focus on helping patients whilst we focus on your IT

With Microbyte protecting your IT infrastructure and devices, you can relax knowing we are guaranteeing your online security and letting you focus on saving lives and helping patients.

Microsoft Cloud Migration for sensitive data

IT Services

The healthcare industry has access to vast amounts of sensitive, sometimes life-changing data. This data is continually being passed between devices, across an organisation and sometimes outside organisations. Protecting this data whilst also making it easily accessible is critical.

Healthcare providers need access to the most up-to-date files in secure locations every hour of the day.

Our cloud-based migration services allow you to store and access secure data records and patient information on multiple devices without compromising security. Guarantee patient privacy at all levels, control who has access to specific data, manage notification protocols and monitor file integrity and encryption at the touch of a button.

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Need switching IT provider?

Many organisations fear that they don’t have the time to commit to switching IT support partner. That’s why we’ve tailored our transition process to be stress-free and take up as little impact on your time as possible.

If you would like to learn more

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