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Healthcare IT Solutions

Tailored for Public Sector Healthcare and Private Practice. 

Delivering Digital Healthcare

2MG Healthcare offers specialised IT services catered towards the unique demands of the healthcare IT. By understanding the Healthcare technology, clinical complexities and regulatory requirements of the healthcare domain, we enable seamless digital transformations resulting in improved patient care. 

Public Sector Healthcare

Our experience in delivery of healthcare systems to NHS and public sector healthcare, enabled us to build comprehensive portfolio of products, that are aligned with the strategic goals of both public sector organisations. By applying our expertise and delivery methodology we could provide end-to-end delivery, transformation and integration services.

IT Services for Private Healthcare

2MG provides range of technology solutions and services for private sector customers. We help to bring digital change, streamline operations and ensure compliance with health and governance regulations. We deliver complete solutions including Practice Management Systems, health information exchange and interoperability solutions, cybersecurity and medical imagining systems.

We also provide general IT support and Managed IT Services to private practices.

Delivering IT Integration

We specialise in bringing together various hardware, software products and services, working together with clinical software vendors, device manufacturers and clinical teams.  

Tailored Solutions:

We are proud to provide solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of a healthcare business.

Cost Efficiency:

By integrating various technologies into a single cohesive system, businesses achieve better cost-efficiency and  better access to information, resulting in better patient care.

Technological Expertise:

Our Team represents in-depth knowledge of various IT technologies, ensuring that the best technology is selected and implemented.


A well-integrated system offers better scalability, making it easier for healthcare organisation to focus on patient care rather than on IT challenges.

IT Solutions
IT Solutions
IT Solutions
IT Solutions
IT Solutions
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Modern slavery encompasses a wide range of horrendous crimes such as human trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced labour.  2MG Healthcare has zero tolerance of modern slavery. 

We are committed to improving our practices to prevent modern slavery within our own business and our supply chains. 2MG Healthcare is always taking steps to identify, prevent and mitigate modern slavery.

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